Production cycle

Cutting-edge machinery, continuous staff training and a complete range of heat treatments allow I.T. International Transmissions S.A. to carry out every stage of the production cycle, combining speed of execution with high-quality finished products.


Continuous staff training guarantees the high level of specialisation required to maximise the potential of every piece of machinery.


I.T.’s fleet of machinery includes:

  • Tooth cutting machines for cylindrical gears
  • Gear shapers
  • Punching machines for deep holes with straight-flute drill
  • Rounding machines
  • Shaving machines
  • Tooth grinding machines
  • External/internal/thread grinding machines
  • 120 tonne broaching machine for epicyclic ring gears
  • 250 tonne mobile table broaching machine
  • Straightening presses
  • Vacuum washer
  • Automatic thermal treatment line
    • Case hardening and tempering
    • Gas nitriding
    • Medium and high frequency induction tempering
    • 600 kW induction furnace
  • Automated manganese phosphating line
  • Shot peening machine